Projects we've worked with


BridgeX Network

A financial ecosystem, built to open access to credit and enable the seamless interoperability between the divided worlds of cryptocurrency and fiat through our framework of decentralised credit, conversion and payment solutions.

This is done through the 3 main BridgeX Network components:
1. BridgeX Core

2. BridgeX Platform

3. Third Party Integrators (DApps/ Apps/ Service Providers)


Aims to address the trust deficit in today's data monetization industry, by introducing the SWIPE Network. It is a decentralized mobile engagement data platform that empowers app developers with a suite of marketing tools and SDKs (Software Development Kit) to improve app engagement and user retention, while allowing for transparent and fair data monetization. 


Introduces a new blockchain network called “Ubbey” and the “OWP protocol”, which enables peer-to-peer ownership exchange on the Ubbey network. The OWP protocol is not only designed for the exchange of ownership of digital assets such as data, images and tokens, but also for the ownership exchange of physical assets such as land, cars and luxury products.


Seeks to tokenize the best hedge fund strategies in an innovative two-token system. Their ecosystem unites the world’s top trading talent in a platform built for decentralized governance and fueled by their utility token, KRON.